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What Can Anyone Do to Look Younger & Feel Better at Any Age?

     Passive Exercise is the no sweat way to lose weight, increase circulation throughout the entire body, get pain relief and feel better without sore, aching muscles!

      For persons suffering with physical disabilities, passive exercise is the answer, as it offers relief from many symptoms including, but not limited to:  improved circulation;  reduced stress, tension and anxiety related symptoms;  increased flexibility, mobility and range of motion and  less pain and stiffness from arthritis.    A by-product of the regular use of passive exercise has also been found to be the increased production of endorphins, which stimulates each person's feelings of well being and each person's own self-healing processes.
      Passive Exercise Units are available for use in homes, chiropractor's offices, tanning salons, beauty salons, fitness centers, nursing homes, retirement homes and generally anywhere people want to exercise without stress, sweating or disrobing and it only requires a minimum of three, one-half hour treatments weekly!

      For over thirty years, Pat Walker's has been dedicated to improving the lives of people just like you, through passive exercise!   Our Director, Ann J. Collins, will be glad to answer all of your questions and explain just how passive exercise will benefit your particular needs.


       For more information on just how passive exercise can benefit your particular needs and/or how you can own a pre-owned passive exercise unit, please contact Ann Collins.

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